15th-17th September 2017

Off-Site Activities

In addition to all the inclusive activities, events and entertainment taking place on-site, there are various off-site activities and events taking place in London over the weekend.

With various activities and programme streams running throughout the weekend, you'll have many choices of where you'd like to be and what you'd like to do, with a selection of both included and external attractions!

As part of your booking, we'll be finding out what activities you are interested in. If you haven't already, start your booking now!

Included Activities

There are many attractions and activities taking place in London that are run by the Reunion team and included in your ticket, at no additional cost.

  • Games in the Park:
    A hide in the seek tournament amongst other games is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the best parks of London!
  • Intense Pub Crawl:
    A slightly more intense and boozy trip across the pubs of London, with plenty of drink and maybe a game or two.
  • Monopoly Run:
    Travel across London as a team in the pursuit of conquering the board, solving the challenges and gaining the Monopoly on London!
  • Museum Challenge:
    Take the challenge Solving a selection of puzzles and questions as you explore some of Londons most famous museums.
  • Relaxed Pub Crawl:
    A relaxed trip across the pubs of London, with plenty of time to chat, drink and maybe a game or two.
  • Task Master:
    Do you have the skills to complete in our very own Task Master? Complete a wide array of unusual tasks both at the campsite and out in London.
  • Treasure Hunt 1: Temple Run:
    Take part in this treasure hunt from Southampton SAGGO's past, following clues along a 2 mile journey filled with questions, tasks, photos and puzzles.
  • Treasure Hunt 2: Eye on London:
    A new treasure hunt in central London, filled with new clues, tasks, photos and questions to set you're mind to.
  • Afternoon On-Site:
    Enjoy a selection of on-site activities and games directly on the Reunion campsite.
  • Afternoon Off in London:
    Spend an afternoon of your own choosing in London, wherever the day may take you!

External Activities

In addition, being in London, there are various attractions taking place in the city that are perfect to enjoy as a group. We'll be organising groups and sorting these activities for you, but they will come at an additional cost to the event itself.

  • Escape Room:
    Test Your wits against a thrilling escape room challenge, working in a team of up to 6 people trying to get out within the hour. (£25.00)
  • Hop-on, hop-off river cruise pass:
    Want to enjoy the sights of london from the river at your own pace. Use this pass to get on and off the river whenever you want and enjoy a tour at the same time. (£16.00)
  • Indoor Go-karting:
    Put pedal to the metal at indoor go-karting, featuring a warm up, qualifier and main race. (£30.00)
  • London Brewery Tour:
    Take a tour through one of the London's main establishments devoted to the craft of making beer, including the occasional tipple here and there (est. 20) (£20.00)
  • London Zoo:
    Take a walk on the wild side exploring the animal kingdom at London Zoo. (£20.00)

The programme is still being finalised, with many more things to come, but is subject to change.